design, installation, maintenance and trade in the fire protection area  

Sprinkler systems, fireproof installation and cladding, fire alarm systems, smoke and heat removal systems.

Given the years of experience, expertise and close specialization, Pastorino uses only top-of-the-line equipment in its work and we can safely say that we have implemented the optimum ratio between cost and quality.




In our systems we incorporate only top-quality firefighting equipment with international certificates (VdS, FM, UL, …) and Croatian fire safety certificates.


Our staff is fully trained in handling and servicing equipment by world-leading manufacturers of stable extinguishing systems.


Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are the most important part of our offer. Sprinklers as the most commonly installed firefighting installation in the world are used to protect different types of objects, and its benefits are manifested in simple maintenance, high efficiency of extinguishing and absence of false alarms….

Fire Detection Systems

It is an electronic system of intelligent controllers, central management, input-output and executive elements that independently monitor the situation of the protected object and permanently report the situation…


These operating systems must be maintained and regularly serviced so Pastorino Ltd. offers maintenance, correctness testing and servicing of implemented systems.

Fireproof Seals

Fire-resistant sealing installation and cladding enable the fire to be localized, that is, not to extend from one fire sector to another. We can accomplish that with the filling of the openings in walls, floor and ceiling at the frontier of the fire sector…

Smoke Systems

Smoke and heat removal systems are consisted of the engine and the control system which in hazardous situation are ensuring that the evacuation paths are free of smoke and heat, facilitating quick and systematic fire extinguishing, reducing damage and delaying the fire of a larger scale.



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