Fireproof Seals

Fire-resistant sealing installation and cladding enable the fire to be localized, that is, not to extend from one fire sector to another. We can accomplish that with the filling of the openings in walls, floor and ceiling at the frontier of the fire sector, carried out when conducting electrical cables or other installations. The closure of these openings is made with special systems and materials. Our employees have completed the training for performing all the Promat construction works already in 2009. They also have the Promat Certificate of Expertise for a trained partner in the following areas:

  • building constructions
  • mechanical installations
  • electrical constructions
  • chimneys

Promat is a German company recognized as a leader in fire protection and insulation activities and only the company which is their own authorized dealer can issue certificates after the work with the company’s material is done.

According to the law, these operating systems must be maintained and regularly serviced. Pastorino d.o.o. offers maintenance, correctness testing and servicing of implemented systems.